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IMG 20160820Welcome your desire to visit Ukraine. I offer you during this time to devote a few days to be acquainted with the nature of Ukraine. I offer short trips (world day or with one overnight stay) at a distance not more than 200 km from Kyiv. Particularly interesting this holiday would be for anglers, families with children and lovers of nature.

Who am I? I am the owner of this website, the 40-year-old man, keen on fishing – specializers on predatory fish, are also engaged in freediving.

What I propose is authentic camping in friendly company, because we do it with a friend when we fishing as we do with family when we go on a picnic. We will use my own car, and therefore the maximum number of people 5 people with me. I do not cook for you, and put you tent, etc.! We will do everything together. If you have two anglers - I take a friend, if you and your family - I take along my family as in a regular check out the company picnic or fishing. To move through the water will use my own inflatable boat with motor 6 HP Suzuki. Unfortunately, during the Euro song contest 2017, Ukraine will act to ban fishing from a boat, and shoot fish using free-diving (till 7 June 2017).

Approximate program as I see it:

1) Day tour around the picturesque places located on the banks of the rivers Dnieper or Desna. For example here 50.011879, 31.069602 or here 51.243541, 31.031260 Approximate itinerary:

08.00 meeting at the hotel
08.30-9.00 Arrival to the store, select products on your own for a picnic
11.00 Arrive at a place
11.00-12.00 Camp, light lunch
12.00-15.00 Fishing, freediving, boating
15.00-17.00 Lunch
17.00-20.00 Fishing, entertainment, games
20.00-21.00 Camp closing
23.00 - Arrival in the hotel

2) Round out for the night. On your choice or in tents (sleeping bags, mats, tents – provided), or in the fishing base (there are different hotels near the water with different conditions and prices – your choice).

Program – first day as well as in paragraph 1). Day two:

04.30 – Getting up
04.30-05.00 Tea
05.00-09.00 - Fishing, freediving, boat.
09.00-10.00 – Camp closing
10.00-13.00 - the Road to the house with lunch in the cafe

IMAG0056The program is roughly, as I usually do. All items can be changed to suit your environment and needs. The choice of location is yours – and discussed in advance. I can offer a few options if needed. Can visit free of charge waters fishing places, or paid one.

A little more info about fishing during the ban, which is valid until 07 Jun 2017. It is allowed fish only from the shore on one spinning, or bait with a single hook. The simplest tools for two people I will provide. Standard catch – not more than 5 kg :). Predatory fish can try to catch – pike, perch, pikeperch with "white fish" the carp, crucian carp, roach, bream.

Price. For its services, which include: rent tents, fishing supplies (for 2 people), tableware, rental and refueling the boat, my pay for the road - $150 variant of the trip for item 1) and 200$ for option 2).

This offer is valid indefinitely (not just during Euro 2017). After June fishing from the boat will be able – it is much more interesting and more effective.

For further questions, your wishes and the travel options contact me by mail diler@sail.com.ua

I'm sure you will be amazed by the beauty of Ukrainian nature and you will find true friends here. Welcome to Ukraine!

My name is Evgen (English speaking)
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