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IMG 20160820Welcome your desire to visit Ukraine. I offer you during this time to devote a few days to be acquainted with the nature of Ukraine. I offer short trips (world day or with one overnight stay) at a distance not more than 200 km from Kyiv. Particularly interesting this holiday would be for anglers, families with children and lovers of nature.

Who am I? I am the owner of this website, the 40-year-old man, keen on fishing – specializers on predatory fish, are also engaged in freediving.

What I propose is authentic camping in friendly company, because we do it with a friend when we fishing as we do with family when we go on a picnic. We will use my own car, and therefore the maximum number of people 5 people with me. I do not cook for you, and put you tent, etc.! We will do everything together. If you have two anglers - I take a friend, if you and your family - I take along my family as in a regular check out the company picnic or fishing. To move through the water will use my own inflatable boat with motor 6 HP Suzuki. Unfortunately, during the Euro song contest 2017, Ukraine will act to ban fishing from a boat, and shoot fish using free-diving (till 7 June 2017).

Approximate program as I see it:

1) Day tour around the picturesque places located on the banks of the rivers Dnieper or Desna. For example here 50.011879, 31.069602 or here 51.243541, 31.031260 Approximate itinerary:

08.00 meeting at the hotel
08.30-9.00 Arrival to the store, select products on your own for a picnic
11.00 Arrive at a place
11.00-12.00 Camp, light lunch
12.00-15.00 Fishing, freediving, boating
15.00-17.00 Lunch
17.00-20.00 Fishing, entertainment, games
20.00-21.00 Camp closing
23.00 - Arrival in the hotel

2) Round out for the night. On your choice or in tents (sleeping bags, mats, tents – provided), or in the fishing base (there are different hotels near the water with different conditions and prices – your choice).

Program – first day as well as in paragraph 1). Day two:

04.30 – Getting up
04.30-05.00 Tea
05.00-09.00 - Fishing, freediving, boat.
09.00-10.00 – Camp closing
10.00-13.00 - the Road to the house with lunch in the cafe

IMAG0056The program is roughly, as I usually do. All items can be changed to suit your environment and needs. The choice of location is yours – and discussed in advance. I can offer a few options if needed. Can visit free of charge waters fishing places, or paid one.

A little more info about fishing during the ban, which is valid until 07 Jun 2017. It is allowed fish only from the shore on one spinning, or bait with a single hook. The simplest tools for two people I will provide. Standard catch – not more than 5 kg :). Predatory fish can try to catch – pike, perch, pikeperch with "white fish" the carp, crucian carp, roach, bream.

Price. For its services, which include: rent tents, fishing supplies (for 2 people), tableware, rental and refueling the boat, my pay for the road - $150 variant of the trip for item 1) and 200$ for option 2).

This offer is valid indefinitely (not just during Euro 2017). After June fishing from the boat will be able – it is much more interesting and more effective.

For further questions, your wishes and the travel options contact me by mail diler@sail.com.ua

I'm sure you will be amazed by the beauty of Ukrainian nature and you will find true friends here. Welcome to Ukraine!

My name is Evgen (English speaking)

Все лодочные моторы от одного поставщика

Лодочный мотор – сделать правильный выбор очень непросто. Соотношение вес/мощность, 2-х или 4-х тактный, гармоничное сочетание мотор-лодка ответы на все эти вопросы вы найдете на страницах нашего сайта. Также постоянно обновляется нормативная база Украины по вопросам: как зарегистрировать лодку, тарифы на тех осмотр мотора и лодки, как получить права на управление лодкой, шлюзование на каскаде Днепровских ГЭС.

У нас можно купить лодочный мотор либо двигатель на лодку - есть все цены на лодочные моторы от таких производителей: Mercury, Selva, Suzuki, Sail, Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu, Evinrude, Parsun, дистанционное управление к лодкам, надувные резиновые лодки (лодки из ПВХ) Aqua Star, Adventure, Captain, Brig, Suzumar, Honda (HonWave), SPORTEX, Kolibri, Ivory, Skiper, Bark, Haris, аксессуары для тюнинга лодок. Новый мотор для лодки можно купить в кредит. Купить лодочные моторы б у дешево вы тоже сможете у нас. Только здесь очень удобно и быстро можно подобрать мотор для лодки б у. Если вы хотите быстро продать лодочный мотор б/у у нас дейтвует программа "trade-in" - т.е. мы готовы забрать ваш двигатель и за доплату предоставить вам новый. Китайские лодочные моторы - отдельное направление нашего бизнеса. Мы готовы для вас подобрать лучший из них в категории цена/качество.

Лодочные моторы 14-ти разных брендов новые и бу. Удобный подбор, бесплатная доставка, честные консультации.


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